Nov 21, 2009

Remembering my hero

I could not help but missing him for these few days. It all started with a conversation with my friend from Kuala Lumpur. She attended a talk by a well-know Taiwanese writer, Liu Yong that night, and shared with me that he made a difference in her life through his books and writings. She has already met him in person, twice. I even had the chance to look at her photos... she's so blessed to be able to meet her teacher and hero. I, then, shared with her that one man whom I have loved, looked up to and will love for the rest of my life. It brought me to tears when I told her how lucky she has been; as much as I wanted to meet my hero, the Lord called him home even before there was any opportunity for me to grab!

Today, I was attending a seminar on St. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians when the speaker mentioned Pope John Paul II several times. He told us how John Paul II publicly apologised to the whole world for the past mistakes made by the Catholic Church; while the ex-President of United States, realising his own mistakes and errors, still remained silence all the while. Admitting one's mistakes is a very humbling act, and no leaders would ever do such a stupid thing. But the most foolish man in the world did it -- John Paul II, who later became one of the greatest and most respected leader in the world. I was so touched when I heard what John Paul II had done during his lifetime. This is my role model and inspiration!!

I found this forum with a lot of pictures of the late John Paul II, many of which I have not seen before. Some of these photos made me cry really hard. How I long to meet him in person!! And how much I've missed him ever since he left us. Sharing this forum with all of you who have loved John Paul II as much as I do.

Photo courtesy of The Pope Benedict XVI Forum.

Nov 1, 2009

Revamp and updates

I have not been blogging for quite a long time. Yes, I do miss blogging! I feel that it is not appropriate to leave this blog inactive for so long, and I should have some updates posted on my life at this point of time.

It all started with World Youth Day. A lot of things happened ever since World Youth Day '08. I came back home feeling empty, not knowing what was missing. I could no longer work as my heart was longing for that something. So I started searching, and by God's grace I was invited to Singapore to stay with and observe the Daughters of St. Paul. Although I was not able to see how exactly their schedules go, I had the opportunity to stay with them for more than a week and experienced the life in a convent, and that was actually more than sufficient to help me move forward.

Not too long after I came back from Singapore, I received another greater invitation -- to work as a full time staff for the Archdiocese in the Mass Communication team (i.e. production of Today's Catholic newspaper and all works related to the media in the church). It took me quite a while to pray and discern whether this is what God has called me to. It was seriously not easy as I discerned and at the same time struggled with work. After a few weeks of considering, I finally said "yes" to God. My parents are not happy, and I still receive a lot of discouragements from others. But these will not stop me from going forward to be a full time servant, because I really love the Lord and it is my desire to have Him as my Employer.

I have just tendered my resignation last Friday with a two months notice and I shall be with the Archdiocese officially beginning January 2010. Right now I am struggling with the remaining work in hand and hopefully everything will go smoothly until the last day of my employment with the current company. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Well, I will certainly tell you more about this once I have settled down with my new job. I thank you for coming back here once in a while to check on me. =)

Dear all,

I'm currently doing some repairing to my blog. Things are in a mess right now, but feel free to read all the previous posts. Hopefully it will be up and running soon.

Thanks for coming back! God bless.