Dec 28, 2013

Crucifying the baby Jesus

Crucifying a little baby. How cruel can that be?
One of our Jesuit priests posted this photo on his Facebook with the following remark:
"Do you agree with me that crucifying a baby is a bit sick?"
Most of the people who commented agreed with him. Some said it's a piece of rubbish. Others said it shouldn't be put on sale.

But what came to my mind was: if this is sick, then what about abortion?

Another commenter said this:
"There was an Indonesian artist who did something similar (without the cross in the background, and just a plain white ceramic-like baby with smoother over features); it did cause controversy, but it was also supposed to make people think..."
I agree that there's an underlying message in this piece of art.

If this piece of art is controversial, then so is abortion.

What do you think?