Feb 26, 2006

Taking a leave...

I'll be taking a leave next week from the blogging world again, due to:
  • The 3 days 2 nights trip to Bako National Park, organized by our Coastal Zone Management lecturer. She intended this trip to be a short vacation for the students besides learning the management system in that National Park. I kind of blame her for this -- vacation at a wrong time. I certainly understand that she has a good purpose, but the timing is wrong. Right now I'm more concerned with my thesis than relaxing. Unhappy? Yeah. But do I have a choice? I'm only hoping that I would not miss Sunday Mass.

  • A final field sampling for my thesis. Oh well, I'm still not confirmed if I would be going. The weather has been pretty bad (raining everyday without fail) in the weekends. If it still rains tomorrow, I'll be calling up the lab assistant and asking him to cancel the trip. I won't be able to do anything if the level of water in the river is too high and current too strong.

  • I'm attending the ALPHA course on Tuesday night. Oh well, I'm supposed to attend. But due to the unavailability of transport (I'd be in the campus then), I need to see if any of my fellow Youth member is willing to give me a lift (campus -> church -> campus: approximately 1 hour).

  • Midterm exam on Thursday. Oh gosh, I don't think I can remember all the scientific names for all kind of fishes listed in the lecture notes. Help me, Lord!!!

Met the Carmelite sisters in the afternoon. They had the same programme like last year, so nothing new to me. The funny thing is, they have really good memory -- they remember my name, even after a year long! Bravo, sisters!

Regarding the discerning of my vocation, I've got the answer to my questions. Let me briefly describe the procedure: Interested candidates are to attend the Secular Carmelites' monthly meeting for 3 months (trial period). If attendance is good, one is to attend all the other monthly meetings for minimun 2 1/2 years to make one's 1st promise. And if the attendance for the meeting is good continuously for another 3 years, the last promise is made (gosh I forgot what it is called!). Ahh, whatever it is, I'm satisfied with what I've got this afternoon and I'll be keeping the desire and thought behind first until I graduate successfully... 2 more months to go!

Alrights, enough with all the craps. Back to my revision. I don't want to extend another semester!!

God bless your week ahead.

Message from Medjugorje

Our Lady's Message on 25 February, 2006

"Dear children! In this Lenten time of grace, I call you to open your hearts to the gifts that God desires to give you. Do not be closed, but with prayer and renunciation say yes to God and He will give to you in abundance. As in springtime the earth opens to the seed and yields a hundredfold, so also your heavenly Father will give to you in abundance. I am with you and love you, little children, with a tender love. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Q & A about Mary and the Saints III

Continue reading the truth about Our Lady...

Q43: Does the Bile sanction such prayers to Mary?

A: Yes. All through the Bible you will find God conferring favors through the prayers of others. In the Old Testament we read of the prayers of Abraham, Mosses, and of the various prophets. In the New Testament, St. James 5:16 tells us to "pray for one another," in the text I have just quoted ["...the prayer of a just man availeth much"]. If we must always pray directly to God and may not ask the prayers of others why did St. Paul write to the Thessalonians, "Pray for us that we may be delivered from importunate and evil men"? 2 Thess. 3:2. Why did he not ask directly of God, instead of asking the prayers of the Thessalonians? Or would you be more scriptural than the New Testament itself?

Q44: There is but one mediator; there is no place for Mary.

A: Christ is the principal mediator in His own right, Mary is the secondary mediatrix, through, with, and in Christ. Without Him she would have no power, and therefore He is the source of all mediation with God on behalf of men.

Q45: How can you blend the mediation of others with that of Christ?

A: It follows from the doctrine of the Communion of Saints. Remember that, by Baptism, every Christian is incorporated with Christ. St. Paul says, "Christ is the head; ye are the members." 1 Cor. 11:3 , 12:27. So close is this union that Christ says, "Whoever gives you to drink a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ; amen, I say to you, he shall not lose his reward." Mark 9:40. Every Christian is Christ in a mmost intimate way. St. Paul tells us that if a baptized person sins, he takes the members of Christ and makes them the members of inquity! When that same St. Paul was persecuting the Christians before his conversion, Christ appeared to him and said, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest Thou Me?" Acts 9:4 He did not say, "Why persecutest thou My disciples?" He could equally say, when we pray to Mary or to the Saints, "What asketh thou of Me?" When we honor Our Lady or the saints, we honor Christ in them according to the doctrines of Scripture. The Catholic Church is the only completely scriptural Church.

Q46: Do Catholics believe that Mary is omnipotent?

A: No. God alone is omnipotent. But through Mary we have access to the omnipotence of God.

Q47: How do you know that Mary hears you?

A: The Catholic Church guarantees that, and she is here to tell us the truth about such things in the name of Christ and with His authority. Reasons also assures us that, as she could know our prayers in this life and pray for us in turn, she can do so in the more perfect state in Heaven. Finally, experience proves it, for she has manifested her power in thousands of concrete instances in answer to prayer.

Q48: Why should Mary be recognized as being greater than any other woman?

A: She was picked out by God to be the sacred repository of God's own Son, to furnish, so to speak, the human texture, flesh, and blood from which was to be woven the garb of divinity. If before birth we could have the privilege of choosing our own natural mother, and if we ever had the power of making that mother whatever we choose, would we ever make her short of anything but the loveliest lady in the world, or would we ever have endowed her with those qualities which would make us apologize to men either for moral blemishes or physical weaknesses? No. I think we would give to her the qualities and virtues which would make all men lover her eternally. If you and I then, with our natural natures would have done all this to the woman who gave us life, who meant so much to us, should we not suppose that God would do he same and more for the Mother of His Son? This He did do. He arrayed her in peerles jewel of Divine Grace, a grace that was higher than any grace given to any saint, angel, or archangel. Angels were created to serve God. Mary was created to be the Mother, the shrine, the tabernacle of God-made Man. Mary is to be honored above all women as the prophecies of the Old Testament declare, precisely because of the royal role she plays as Co-Redemptrix with Christ in the Divine Redemption.

Q49: I don't see the necessity of hailing her as the Co-Redemptrix with Christ.

A: See then what is happening to the non-Catholic world for denying that role of Mary. In Catholicism, they tell us, there is too much emphasis and the wrong emphasis on the Mother of Jesus. If we ever begin a religion by eliminating the Mother, we shall eventually wind up by eliminating the Son. Thus when the Reformers did away with the Mother, they paved the way for doing away with the Son. If we get rid of the one, we will soon get rid of the other. Germany began by putting the mother in the tomb of oblivion or on the dusty pages of history and after four hundred years Germany is now trying to get rid of the Son. If we can judge correctly the attitude of the American Federation of Churches, our Blessed Savior is being rapidly brought down to the mere status of a man. We can reasonably be suspicious that religions that have taken Mary out, have slurred this wonderful Lady, and when we insult the Mother we insult the Son. We can never have a Son without a Mother in the natural order of things; in the Divine order of things we can never have a Christ without a Mary. If we smash her statues and white-wash Our Lady's Chapel or chisel the Child from the Mother, we run the risk of smashing the entire statue of Christianity, for those two holy heads of Jesus and Mary are too close together for their halos not to mingle and to cross.

Q56: Christ said, "Use not vain repetitions as do the heathen, who think in their much speaking to be heard." St. Mt. 6:7.

A: Vain repetition in manner of heathens is forbidden, but not useful repetition which is not in the manner of heathens. Vain repetition relies mechanically upon the mere number of prayers or formulas uttered. But Catholics do not rely on the mere repetition of prayers, nor upon their multiplication, but on the intrinsic worth of each prayer and upon the fervor and earnestness with which it is said. Two prayers said well, one immediately after the other, are as good as the same two prayers said well with twenty-four hours between them. Time is nothing to God, in whose sight 1,000 years are but as a day. He does not mind whether there be two seconds between our prayers or two years; the prayers themselves are just as pleasing to Him. If you take the principle behind your objection, and push it to its full conclusion, you could say the Our Father but once in your life. If you said it once each year, it would be repetition. How often may you say it? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? If daily, what would be wrong with saying it hourly? If you have just concluded one Our Father, why may you not begin it again at once? Does it suddenly become an evil prayer?

Your Bible has a faulty translation of these words, "Use not vain repetitions as the heathens do." The Greek verb "battologein" of the original does not mean such a thing at all. The Douay version translates correctly when it said "speak not much." St. Matthew wanted action and less talk.

-- Next post: Why the Saints.

Adapted from the booklet Virgin and Statue Worship: Quizzes To A Street Preacher by Fr. Chas. M. Carty & Rev. Dr. L. Rumble. You can also order a copy from TAN BOOKS AND PUBLISHERS, INC., P.O. Box 424, Rockford, Illinois 61105.

Feb 25, 2006

Divine Mercy and the 'Final Coming'


According to this article, our late Pope John Paul II, Divine Mercy and the 'Final Coming' are interrelated. Pope JPII's death on the eve of the feast of Divine Mercy was no coincident. So was the prophecy of Sister Lucia and Sister Faustina.

The article also mentioned that our Church has refused to spread the news of our Lord's second coming.

If this is the time of mercy, then would that mean Jesus will be coming again soon? Shouldn't we spread the news around -- God's mercy has been manifested?

Feb 24, 2006

Becoming a Carmelite Nun...

Nay.. not yet. *grinned* But I'm going to meet them real soon, this Sunday!! Yay!! It is indeed a joy to be able to go there and meet them again. I just can't wait till Sunday comes... wait a minute, how am I supposed to get there? I have no transport! Hmm... anyhow, I'm going there by hook or by crook!

I'm now sitting comfortably in a cybercafe, transferring some photos of the past field trip from my friend. I need them in my report. Oh gosh... I wonder why the photos she took are so large that they take so much time to download. *sigh* Doesn't matter. Let me do some crappings here

I was wondering, is this a coincidence, or God is arranging this meeting for me? The President of Secular Carmelite (of Kuching) has called me a few times asking to meet me but then and always - the transport problem. My parents hate it when I talk about being a religious sister, and so they are kind of unwilling to send me to Carmelite to meet the sisters (or anyone there). Please remember them in your prayers... thanks!

A friend called me yesterday to inform me about this meeting. It has been one year since I last heard of the sisters and from them. Kind of miss them. I have an unutterable joy when I'm given the opportunity to talk to them. They are just so different, so inspiring, ever so joyful... and it was from them that I realized that those who serve the Lord ever so faithfully and humbly, He makes them a people of joy.

Now there are two things I'm considering right now: a Secular Carmelite or a Consecrated Virgin. Let's just see what God would reveal to me this time.

Alrights, time to leave. I'll be leaving for home in 4 hours. You'll then get the latest Q & A about Mary and the saints.

God bless you and your weekend!

Feb 22, 2006

An unpleasant week...

Everything did not go very well this week. I am supposed to be doing revision for my mid-term exam tomorrow, but look what I am doing?! Typing away on the keyboard. Oh well, just stressed out, I guess.

What I have been through yesterday and this morning let me realize something: a person might seem to be nice at first, but time will show the real self of that person. I thought my supervisor is a nice and kind and helpful person, but I was wrong. Feel kind of disappointed when I found out this about him. Looks like I would have to do things my own way and avoid discussing some matters with him. Lord, please help me with my final year project!

Let's change the topic instead. What do you think of the Q & A about Mary? Useful, I hope? I have not finished with it yet, but once I did, I will be posting something on the Church and the Pope. Oh yes.. if you are wondering why I have not been updating my blog, simply look at the sidebar for my location or my situation. If I am in the campus, the probability for me to post is very small.

I guess I have identified the reason of me being depressed... my supervisor's attitude. I will try my best to forget about this issue for tonight, or else I will have difficulties in doing revision. Please kindly remember me in your prayers.

God bless!

Feb 18, 2006

Q & A about Mary and the Saints II

Q9: Is there any evidence in Scripture that Mary was indeed never actually subjected to original sin?

A: Yes. In Genesis 3:15, God said to Satan, "I will put enmities between thee and the woman... thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." The radical enmity between Satan and that second Eve, the Mother of Christ, forbids her having been under the dominion of Satan, as she would have been had she ever contracted original sin in actual fact. In Luke 1:28, we read how Angel was sent by God to salute Mary with the words, "Hail, full of grace." Grace exclude sin, and had there been any sin at all in Mary she could not have been declared to be filled with grace. The protestant version translates the phrase as "thou that hast been highly favoured." But the Greek certainly implies "completely filled with holiness." However, complaints that our doctrine exempts Mary from the contracting of original sin are becoming more and more rare in a world which is tending to deny original sin altogether, and which wishes to exempt everybody from it.

Q39: Why pray to Mary at all?

A: Because God wills that we should do so, and because such prayers to her are of the utmost value. God often wills to give certain favors only on condition that we go to some secondary agent. Sodom was to be spared through the intercession of Abraham (Genesis 18:20-33). Naaman, the leper, was to be cured only through the waters of the Jordan (2 Kings 5:9-14). Now Mary is, and must ever remain, the Mother of Christ. She still has a mother's rights and privileges, and is able to obtain for us many graces. But let us view things reasonably. if I desire to pray, I can certainly pray to God directly. Yet would you blame me if, at times, I were to ask my own earthly mother to pray for me also? Such a request is really a prayer to her that she may intercede for me with God. Certainly, if I met the mother of Christ on earth, I would ask her to pray for me, and she would do so. And in her more perfect state with Christ in Heaven she is more able to help me.

Q40: But a prayer to God directly must be more efficacious than a prayer to Mary.

A: Not necessarily. It might well be that God intends to honor Our Lady by granting the favor I seek through her intercession in a particular way. In that case the grace is to be given through her provided I honor her by addressing myself to her. Again, every prayer to Mary is in reality the asking of a favor also. It is often better to ask God for a favor and to have someone else praying to God with one for same favor. Two prayers are better than one. And above all, when the other one praying is Christ's own mother.

Q41: God loves you more than Mary loves you.

A: That is so. But He loves Mary more than He loves me. And as she is more pleasing to God than I am, He will be more ready to grant her requests.

Q42: It is unscriptural to attribute power to Mary.

A: That is a very unscriptural statement. At His mother's request Jesus changed water into wine at Cana, though He had said, "My time is not yet come" (John 2:4). St. James tells us that "the prayer of a just man availeth much" (James 5:16). How much more the prayer of Mary!

Q37: Did He not say to her at the marriage feast of Cana, "Woman, what is that to thee and to Me?" (John 2:4).

A: He did. But most certainly He intended no reproach to Mary. Her action was one of pure charity to others. Foreseeing the possible distress of others, she asked Him to relieve them; and He would not rebuke so unselfish a thought. Nor would He speak to her with any trace of disrespect. Then, too, had Mary asked a wrong thing, Christ would not have done it, nor would He have sanctioned a request He had to rebuke. And Mary knew that she had not been reprehended, or she would not have told the waiters to do what her Son would tell them. She would have dropped the matter. Why, then, did Christ speak thus? It was His first miracle, the first public sign of His divinity wrought by Himself. And He wanted to bring out publicly the fact that He was doing it, not as the son of an earthly mother and according to His human nature, but calling upon His divine nature as the eternal Son of God. He did it because His mother requested it, but He did not do it by any power derived from His mother. He thus brought out boths for the listeners and for us that this beginning of miracles was proof of His divinity, although in appearance He seemed but man.

<>< <>< <><
-- Adapted from Virgin and Statue Worship: Quizzes to A Street Preacher by Fr. Chas. M. Carty and Rev. Dr. Rumble. Order a copy of the booklet from: TAN BOOKS AND PUBLISHERS, INC., P.O. Box 424, Rockford, Illinois 61105.

Q & A about Mary and the Saints I

I've been following some arguments regarding the Catholic doctrines at Moneybags' blog, and felt rather depressed by the unwillingness of protestants to accept the Truth. Thanks God, that always at these times, He would let me find some references from books and this time, I found a booklet containing answers to almost ALL questions frequently asked by the Protestants. Believe it or not, I noticed that every generation of Protestants asks the same questions repeatedly in the last decade. I'll be copying the texts exactly from the booklet called "Virgin and Statue Worship: Quizzes to A Street Preacher," written and compiled by Fr.Chas. M. Carty and Rev. Dr. L. Rumble in the year 1976. I would encourage all Catholics to get a copy of this booklet and learn from it. I would also be posting questions on other aspects e.g. The True Church, Eucharist etc., after I'm finished with this topic.

Okay, without wasting much time, here are the FAQs. So enjoy reading and contemplating on them [Remember, what you are reading are not MY words, but words from the priests who wrote the booklet].


Q26: Why are Protestants, who believe in Scripture, so convinced that Mary had other children?

A: They are not inspired by love for Christ, or for the mother of Christ, or for Scripture in their doctrine. Their main desire is to maintain a doctrine differing from that of the Catholic Church. But it is a position which is rapidly going out of fashion. Learned Protestants scholars today deny as emphatically as any Catholic that Mary had other children. When Our Lord, dying on the cross, commended His mother to the care of St.John, He did so precisely because He was her only child, and He know that Mary had no other children to care for her. The idea that Mary had other Children is disrespectful to the Holy Spirit who claimed and sanctify her as His sanctuary. It insults Christ, who was the only-begotten of His Heavenly Father. It insults Mary, who would have been guilty of a great ingratitude to God, if she threw away the gift of virginity which God had so carefully preserved for her in the conception of Christ. It insults St. Joseph. God had told him by an angel to take Mary to wife, and that the child to be born of her had no earthly father but was the very Son of God. God merely gave St. Joseph the privilege of protecting her good name amongst the undiscerning Jews, and He chose a God-fearing man who would respect her. Knowing that her child was God Himself in human form, Joseph would at once regard her as on a plane far superior to that of any ordinary human being, and to him, as to us, the mere thought of her becoming a mother to merely earthly children would have seemed a sacrilege.

Q33: You speak as if Jesus looks on His mother just as you look on your mother.

A: As surely as my mother is my mother, He knows that His mother is His mother; and He treats her such.

Q34: Jesus was a good son but he recognized only one being, the onmipotent God.

A: Had He ignored Mary He would not have been a very good son, nor would He had much respect for God who said, "Honour thy father and thy mother." Christ was a perfect example of virtue in all things. And if He did not recognize Mary, why did He go down to Nazareth and be subjected to her? Why did he perform His first miracle at her request? And why did He make such special provision for her at the moment of His death?


That's all for now. I can't keep my eyes open anymore! God bless.

Feb 15, 2006


As you've seen, my blog is in a big mess for the time being. I was thinking of changing the template, but looks like it's not really working. So I need some time to change everything back to its normal look. I'll try to add some photos so it will be more presentable and to suit the purpose of the blog.

By the way, I'll still be posting. Thank you for dropping by once in a while!

God bless!

Feb 14, 2006

Specially for You on Valentine's day...

Also wishing all the Christian couples... Happy Valentine's Day! And don't forget to thank the Lord for your loved ones.

God bless!

Feb 12, 2006


I was reading through the reflection for the readings of 4th Sunday. It got me into thinking again, thinking of the things I do not like to think for the time being.

Some of text go like this:

I have no desire to place restrictions on you, but I do want to promote what is good, what will help you to devote yourselves entirely to the Lord.

1 Corinthians 7:35

We must accept certain restrictions if we wish to totally commit our lives to the Lord. Gospel poverty, celibacy, a large family, a faithful marriage, a demanding ministry -- all restrict us significantly. However, any decision or commitment restricts us. Any successful athlete, business person, or celebrity has placed severe restrictions on themselves. How much more willing should we be to restrict ourselves out of love for the Lord!

I am still worried about my life after graduation. Should I continue Masters degree? Or I should work first? Another important thing to be considered is to sign up as a Secular Carmelite. Once I am a Secular Carmelite, I might not have the opportunity to study abroad anymore. I am eagerly looking forward to the next World Youth Day in 2008. So if I do not have a job, how can I get to Sydney? Which one should I sacrifice?

A very difficult decision to make,is it not? Well, maybe not for you. But for me, it sure is.

Yes, I want to totally commit my life to God. That is the only wish I have. When you are so in love with someone, would you not want to live a committed life with that person? Same case with me. But that would mean giving up lots of things in live, including the plan to further my studies. Sometimes I really admired those who are still schooling, they have nothing to worry about except their studies... sometimes I admired those who have good jobs, they do not have to worry about unemployment.

That is why I am putting the thoughts of becoming a Secular Carmelite behind, just for the time being. But it keeps coming back to haunt me. Sooner or later, I have no choice but to make a choice.

Aaarrgghh... enough crapings, time to go to bed. I do not want to be late for Mass in the morning. God bless.

Feb 5, 2006

Two more months

Finally... tomorrow I'll be back in campus again. Aarrrghh.. how I wish I have longer holidays! One week doesn't seem to be enough!

And the battle continues.

Yes, another two months. Another two months and I'll have to present my thesis. And after the presentation (which I'm NOT looking forward to at all, because I have extreme stage fright - anyone have any suggestions or 'remedy' for that disorder of mine?), I'll be......... FREEEEEEEE!!! My convocation would most probably be in September.

*Sigh* I shouldn't be so happy, honestly speaking. The end of one stage of life means the beginning of another. That would also mean my arrival at the crossroad. I'm still praying for an answer - where to now, Lord?

My busy life will not stop me from blogging. Nor will it stop me from loving Him. One of my new year resolutions is to grow in holiness and perfection, for Him.

Okay, no more crapping... time to get back to my work. Also not forgetting to pray for: 1. Holy Father's intentions for the month of February; 2. For all who aspire after perfection and holiness; 3. All students who are graduating this year; 4. For those who are sick (specially remembering Ukok and family); 5. For all unbelievers, and 6. Feel free to add your own intentions.

God bless.

Photo courtesy of Catholic Youth Networking

Feb 3, 2006

I discovered forgiveness!

All these while I kept thinking that I, as a Christian, understand what forgiveness is. But many a times, I feel like I have no difference with that proud Pharisee in the parable of Jesus. I said 'I forgive you', but deep down inside I knew that I did not.

What actually is forgiveness? How do you know you have truly forgiven a person? -Questions I have been asking for years.

'I have forgiven him, but I don't feel comfortable talking to him.'
'I willingly forgive her, but seeing her in church is something I don't like.'
'My wounds will heal, but the scar will stay anyway.'

Nope. This is not forgiveness.

Somebody ever said that forgiveness means "the hurt is no longer felt when an incident or a person is being mentioned or recalled." Yes. That was exactly what I experienced this week.

I met the ex-manager of a supermarket where I worked part time 4 years ago. I used to label her as 'inhumane money-face maniac', and I made sure other people know how I disliked her even after I have quit the job. When I met her 3 days ago, compassion flooded me instead of hatred. As she spotted me and walked towards me, I shaked her hands and flashed her a sincere smile which I have never done before; we had a brief chat. I have forgotten that she was the one I hated 4 years ago.

I went out for movies with a group of ex-classmates last night, among them was a friend who has betrayed me 5 years ago. When we were talking about our studies, I did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Today was the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, so I went to Mass together with my parents. As I stepped into the church, a lady saw me and walked swiftly towards me. That lady was the culprit for our church political turmoil last year, and because of her I became a victim. Since then, everytime I saw her or heard her name being mentioned, I wished I could punch her in the eye. I tried my very best to avoid meeting with her face to face. But today, things were different. Even before she reached me, I flashed a smile. When we met, she told me that there were not enough people to sing in the choir, so my help was needed. No revengeful thoughts. The scar was gone!

When I look back at what I have been through, Lord, thank You so much. Thank You for the lessons I have learnt, the wounds You have completely healed, and to let me see things the way You see them.

I love you Lord, now and always... till forever meets no end.

Feb 2, 2006

2006 Catholic Blog Awards

Do you particularly like any Catholic blogs? Then, why not nominate them for the Catholic Blog Awards 2006? There are only 2 days left, so hurry up! Or... you can cast your votes for your favourite blog(s). Let us give the good bloggers our fullest support! ;)

Who, of all the bloggers around the world, wouldn't like to be acknowledged to have the best blog? When I first started out blogging, I had the same dream too. But right now, I have a different perception. I'm a casual blogger who is just blogging on what I've seen and heard and my opinion. I have a limited use of English, sometimes I even have difficulties expressing my thoughts. Information wise, not much have my blog provided. All in all, I believe my blog is the worst of all Catholic blogs. And certainly, I do not deserve any awards. Honestly, being a blogger has also helped me with my faith. I contemplate more, I observe more, I read more, I notice more, and I understand more. Most importantly, I also get to interact with other faithful Catholics and learn from them. I really enjoy being part of the blogging community, but I won't be dreaming of an award, not now, nor in the future. My only hope is that people will get to see the life and cultures of Malaysian Catholics. God bless.