Jul 11, 2010

A new chapter

I've finally settled down after 6 months in a completely new working environment.

I am now an employee of the Archdiocese of Kuching, and I help in the publication of the monthly archdiocesan newspaper. I have a nice office of my own just next to the chapel, with quiet and serene environment. I am alone in the office most of the time, but I simply enjoyed it. I told everyone who asked -- that I am alone but definitely not lonely! It is equally stressful compared to my previous consultancy job, but still I love this new responsibility.

Being a full time servant of the Church is what I've always wanted, and I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be employed by Him! I don't know how my parents feel about it now, but I seldom hear them express their disappointment about me changing job (they were really mad with me when I told them about my resignation last year). Although now I have just enough to live on (unlike 3 years ago, I used to have extras every month to spend on entertainment and food), the Lord sends me generous friends who added more colours to my life!

It is the beginning of a whole new chapter as I continue my journey with Christ. My Spiritual Directress used to tell me, "Unless you take a step forward, you would never know what is in front." Still struggling with work and getting myself familiarised with the whole changes, I am yet to find out what the Lord has planned for me for His own glory. But I guess for now, first thing first -- being a true servant physically, spiritually and whole-heartedly; practising a lifestyle of servanthood and worship, and avoid being lukewarm. Undoubtedly, I have seen and experienced much more than before.

We can't stop how other people look at us, but as long as what we're doing is done out of love for Christ, then nothing else matters!
Looking forward to new adventures and challenges that are coming my way... of course, I am way too frail and afraid to go into the unknown, but with Jesus by my side and standing on His promises and love, I know my life will be interesting.

[Lastly, I thank those who have been in this journey together with me all these while. Thank you! And I hope that we will continue to journey and grow spiritually together. Amen.]

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