Dec 29, 2006

Christmas caroling... after so long

A great group of youths, which made caroling a lot more fun. (I'm not in the pic, 'coz I was the photographer!)

It has been ages since the last time I joined the Chinese Choir for Christmas caroling. Those nights of fellowship and carol-singing were really fun. The best part was... FOOD! *LOL* Of course not. That was the 2nd best. The best was none other than being able to meet people who became my friends today. And the greatest memory I've had was the time we wished the house owner "Happy Birthday" or "Happy New Year" (in Mandarin) instead of "Merry Christmas." Still today, whenever I talk to my Chinese group of church friends regarding caroling, we would never fail to have a good laugh as we recall those unforgettable moments.

This year, to tell the truth, I didn't really want to join the Youth caroling. But I joined anyway to help my friends since they lacked manpower. Somehow, I fell sick a few days before the caroling started and so I was 'spared' from my task. I was supposed to be keeping an eye on the younger youths, but instead, I became the one being watched over since I was still recuperating and weak from intestinal infection. Perhaps, it was the time given me by God to mix around with the younger youths, which I did and got to know some of them. Didn't know them well, but at least they felt comfortable talking and joking with me.

Well, I guess I must be young-looking. Those youths actually believed that I'm still in college! Looking (and feeling) young is a good thing, isn't it? It's absolutely a gift from Him! Some adolescents who are the fellow members of English Morning Choir, once declared that I was "the bridge between the Young and the Old." I still have no idea why they call me as such.

Could it be that I am called to work with the youths? To bring them closer God and be there to listen and to understand them? Only God knows.

I enjoyed this year's caroling, although not as much as during the time with the Chinese group. I'm glad to know that God has a place in the hearts of most of these youngsters. And I thank Him for that.

Hoping all of you had a wonderful Christmas!
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