Jan 3, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Wow, how time flies! Another new year has come! And I didn't even know that we are already in the Third Millennium!! A friend told me that time is flying scarily fast, that she kind of lost control! So what about you?

Did you enjoy New Year Eve countdown? Or attended any New Year parties?

I was back in Sibu, my home town on New Year Day to attend the Ordination Mass of Deacon Paul Ling (now Fr. Paul - I'll blog about it in the next post), and to meet up with a few friends that night. We spent the night shopping and later went to a cafe to catch up on each other while we dine. It was simple but fun; I really missed them for we have not met for months since our graduation. My friend (who went to Sibu with me) and I almost missed the flight back to Kuching because we attended the first Mass celebrated by the newly-ordained Fr. Paul Ling. I even wasted RM33 for taxi... the driver made me pay extra RM5 because he had no change. Bummer! But I thank God that we were just in time to check in.

Alrights, hope all of you had a great holiday and enjoyed yourselves to the fullest!! Wishing you another year filled with blessings and the love of God... and all good things that come from above!
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