Dec 18, 2005

Advent candles

The 4th Sunday of Advent is here. The last week of Advent before we welcome Christmas. The last Advent candle is lighted.

I have been wondering why there are 2 colours for the candles - 3 violets and 1 pink. (Silly me, I should have search for it weeks ago! Shouldn't have waited till today!) But thank God, I found a site explaining the meaning of the different colours. Click here for the detailed explanation of Advent wreath and candles.

For those of you who are like myself, here are the explanations:

Violet candles, symbolizing penance and preparatory sacrifices made at this
time, are lit on the first, second, and fourth Sundays of Advent. The rose
candle is lit on the third Sunday ('Gaudete Sunday', when the priest also wears
rose vestments at Mass), a day of rejoicing because the faithful have arrived at
the midpoint of Advent and anticipate Christmas.

God bless and have a great week ahead! ;)

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