Dec 20, 2005

Forget not...

...the meanings behind each Christmas items and Santa Claus. Do you know where is the origin of the Christmas fir tree? How about the candles? The star we put on top of the Christmas tree? The candy cane, the angels, the bells, the wreaths? Yes, ever little item that we always use to decorate the Christmas tree has its own meaning, including Santa. Surely, the early Christians did not put those things there without a purpose!

I did not know, and did not bother to find out why those items exist. I just thought that, perhaps they are the creations of the commercial world, so why should I pay attention to those unimportant decorations? But I know that I was wrong when I stumbled upon this nice site, The Real Meaning of Christmas -- Teach the Children.

I strongly encourage teenagers, youths and parents to visit this site. And reveal the true meaning of this important event to everyone you know!

May God bless us all as we journey from Advent into Christmas.

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