Dec 11, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia

I didn't know that this movie has somewhat caused a little disputes, until I read the post by Mark.

Before I watched this movie, Protestant friends told me that it is a Christian movie and the lion, Aslan, represented Christ. When I heard that it reflected Christianity, I was really excited about it and went to the cinema yesterday for it. I really enjoyed the show! I loved the scene where Aslan gave up his life, out of love for Edmund, to the witch and his resurrection. It reminded me of Jesus' sufferings, His sacrifices and His innocent and shameful death, all out of love for mankind.

I totally agree with Andrew Greeley, that Jesus can never be compared to the lion Aslan in the film. But why not think of it this way: This film is a reminder for us (who have watched it) to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ this Christmas. He could have chose to come as He deserved, but no, instead He chose a humble birth into this sinful world; the only purpose, is to take our place at the altar of sacrifice.

It is never wrong to imagine, but our imaginations must be able to help us grow more in love with God.


Matthew said...

I also read that about the movie, and I hope to see it soon.

I wanted to wish you an early, but still joyful, Christmas.

Audrey Yu said...

Thank you, moneybags. Blessed Christmas to you too, in advance! ;)