Jul 8, 2006

Fan Into Flame

The Conference
That was the theme of the conference/seminar that lasted for 3 days. It took me a while to decide whether I should go or not, whether it worthed my money or not. I went after much consideration, expecting nothing. For me, it was probably another seminar that was similar to the others which I've attended.

On the first day after the first session, one of the uncles in the Morning choir said to me that that would be another wake-up call for all of us. My heart didn't agree with him... I felt that this one would be more than just a wake-up call. And I was right.

I witnessed the speakers burned with zeal as they conveyed God's messages to us participants. Not only that. At first sight, I saw joy on their faces... and I knew right then how much their love for God was. So I told God in my heart, "Lord, make me like them."

The message was actually simple -- God loves us. He loves us as an individual, as who we really are, as who we are made to be. He loves us not because of the things we've offered Him; He loves us just like a mother loves her own child. There is no condition to this love of His. But to experience His love and receive the Spirit He's promised during His Ascension, we need to be open and willing to receive from Him.

During the ministering, I fell in love with Him once again, deeper in love this time! And I renewed my promises I've made -- to live a life of chastity and to put Him above everything else. He also planted something into my heart -- God-fearing spirit.

The Concerts
The climax, was of course the 2 concerts. Honestly, worship concerts like these are not new to me and to the youths here in Kuching, but the scene that left me in awe was this: those in their 40's, 50's and even 60's were among youths who were in the "fire zone"! They were also jumping, lifting their hands as all of us youths are doing, and they jumped even higher and longer than we did! Wow! Amazing, eh? My jaws dropped as I saw them dancing for the Lord! So I told myself: "If they can dance and jump like mad as if nobody's business, I certainly can do better than them!!"

After the whole thing (conference and concerts) were over, I find myself unable to walk. Hmm... when was the last time I went jogging?!?!

The pain in my tighs... so what? Most importantly, God has set my heart on flame!!

Coming Soon!
Some of our Youths were invited to a special session with Elim. I'm really thankful to God that I was given this opportunity to take photos with them as remembrance. I've even made some friends! Chances like this don't come easy. Understanding this, I've learned to capture and treasure every moment.

I hope I will be able to upload those photos soon. Not much, but it is for these great people whom I met.

God bless everyone!
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