Jul 9, 2006


Malaysia-Philippines Gathering at the Bread of Life centre. We exchanged thoughts, sharings, and gratitude, etc. Everyone's attentive to what each other was sharing.

Yummy yummy... it's Pizza time! Everyone had pizza for lunch! Thanks to Uncle Paul and Bread of Life community!

Posing with the guitarist.

Me posing with the other 3 Elim members. They are young, single and hot. Anyone interested??? Yes? Ask God for their contact numbers, I'm not their manager. LOL.

Kiddo and Dondon. Kiddo, errm... well, you said you don't get why everyone calls you crazy, right? See, here's the proof. Haha.

Posing with two other very pretty girls from Elim (3rd and 5th from the left).

Shopping for souvenirs. Some of us followed them, including me (well, obviously. I took this photo). I wasn't helping at all, actually I was just curious of what stuffs they would be buying. In other words, I was just being 'kepo' (= nosy).


Shalyn said...

eee... i wanna go too!!

mikemusis said...

Hey Audrey,
just bump into you blog. BYW just like to invite you to our BOL gathering every Friday 8pm-10pm. We have some youths who are planning to go to Manila in October if you are interested.