Nov 3, 2005

How Nerdy Are You?

I chanced upon this great blog and had a great laugh myself! Well, I love this one particularly: You know you're a Catholic Nerd when you stop and compare ashes with friends after Mass. (I believe the author meant during Ash Wednesday Mass) Exactly. That is what I do every year! Am I proud of myself to be a completely (well, almost!) NERD CATHOLIC! Hahaha. =P

Do you need a laugh? Or someone told you that you're an 'abnormal' person? It's ok, we (the blog authors and me) truly understand! Just drop by The Catholic Nerd Blog and you'll know that we are all in the same Boat of God! Or perhaps, you're much more nerdy than the rest of us are? Find out if you're as nerd, more or less!

God bless! ;)

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