Nov 20, 2005

Practise not...

...the dictatorship of relativism! It will certainly ruin your life. Maybe not this life, but the life to come when Christ comes for the second time.

Think about this: Whose thoughts matter most? We human's, or God's? If you only follow God's laws that MAKE SENSE TO YOU, then you shouldn't call yourself 'Christian', for you are not practising what is required of you as a child of God. Have the scriptures ever mentioned which laws of God are to be followed and which are not? Grab the book 'The Wounded Spirit' by Frank E. Peretti, and read about The Parable of the Playground (Chapter 6). The parable stresses the importance to include God and His laws in our everyday lives.

I challenge myself everyday to go against the ways of the World. Perhaps that is why friends (who claim themselves as Christians) always laugh at me and say that I am still immature. I was even considered embarrasing when I danced in joy and praised the Lord publicly. Sad, isn't it? For them, watching pornography is ok; sex before marriage is ok too as long as they love each other; it is perfectly ok to miss any Mass; using God's name in vain (yes, even till that extent!); continue wearing inappropriate attire to church even though notices have been made by the Archbishop; money is everything etc.

Don't you think we christians should be thankful to God that we have laws to guide us so that we would not go astray? Yes, it is not easy to resist the ways of the World, but with God's grace, it is possible.

Remind yourself with 'WWJD' (What Would Jesus Do) in your everyday life decision making. Go against the worldly values, trust me, you will have the feeling of contentment and peace despite being hurt. Look through Jesus' eyes, and you will be able to see things differently.

For those of you who have been in the dark and practising what YOU think is right, it is time to see things God's way.

God bless!
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