Sep 27, 2006

Are you happy?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Am I happy? Happy with my life? Sometimes, my answer is yes; sometimes, no. As I look back, I realized that it wasn't wealth or material possession, nor is it accademic qualifications, that made me happy. There were times when I told the Lord, "Lord, I need more money, more of this and more of that." But when I've got all that I've requested for, I would desire and ask for even more! No... anything worldly has failed to satisfy my soul and my every desire, let alone giving me happiness.

Happiness is not determined by external circumstances, but by internal circumstances. How true it is! Personally, I found happiness
in making sacrifices for family and friends. I love helping out in church even though my contribution is considered small and unnoticed. I like giving compliments to people I meet, if this little act can bring a smile on their faces. I willingly give a hand, even though I know that my help is not appreciated, only God sees it all! I like to utter "I love you" to God at any moments I feel like to, because I clearly know that He loves me even more... every second of everyday.

What about you? Are you happy?

Thoughts inspired by the story below...

What are you waiting for?

Most people are waiting for something -- something "special" that will make their life great, so they can be happy.

Ask yourself: have others had this, and are they all happy? No, they're not, and it won't give you lasting happiness, either.

Happiness is not determined by external circumstances, but by internal circumstances.

Everyone chooses how happy they are by what they choose to think about.

Your attitude is determined by your perspective, which is determined by what you think about -- your focus. You choose your focus, so ultimately, you are the one who chooses whether to be happy, or not.

Perspective is what the Beatitudes (Matthew 5) are about. Seeing a bigger picture than just this one small moment of time. (The Beatitudes are where Jesus explained how some are blessed, or happy -- even in difficult situations.)

(The word we translate as "happy" in the New Testament is usually translated as "blessed.")

You won't get happiness by chasing what the world has to offer. It has already been tried and found wanting.

And, you will never be happy as long as you are self-centered. A focus on self is guaranteed to prevent happiness.

Right after Jesus performed the menial task of washing his disciple's feet -- akin to cleaning toilets today -- He told

JOHN 13:15,17 ICB
15 I did this as an example for you. So you should do as I have done for you. 17 If you know these things, you will be happy if you do them.

You will be happy if you help others. If you take your focus off yourself. That's what Jesus taught.

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