Sep 24, 2006

Humble pie... snack for spiritual health

Since I'm a newbie at the company I'm working with right now, I tried my very best to be polite and nice to all my colleagues, in contrast to how I usually interact with my good friends (that doesn't mean that I treat my friends rudely; my friends and I know each other so well that our response to each other is so "natural" and spontaneous... hope you get what I mean). Because I know that as a fresh graduate and to "steal" skills from the experts and to be accepted by them, I have no choice but to humble myself.

I thought I was humble enough, that's why my colleagues treated me well and were willing to help me. Therefore when the daily reflection mentioned about being humble, it didn't come to my mind that I'm not that humble after all.

I went to another town the other day to do a field survey on the project site. My job was to bring the geologist to the site and explain to him what the whole project was about and what was required. I met this geologist for the first time, and he was such a gentleman despite his knowledge and experience. I was impressed, both by his knowledge and his humbleness.

After everything was done, we drove up to the District Office as we needed the population data surrounding the project area. [My supervisor wasn't there, so I had to do everything by myself.] Again, I tried to be friendly to the District officer as I passed him the letter of request my supervisor has prepared for me. To my dismay, the District officer refused to give me what I requested and worse still, he was really rude. I was mad and dissatisfied.

I kept asking myself...
This guy is a Chinese, and yet he was so rude to a fellow Chinese, how could he?
What's wrong with this guy? Is this how he always treat others?
Should I just file a lawsuit against him? I'm not happy with his service.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I became.

Damn... who did he think he is to humiliate me?!

Wait a minute... did I just feel humiliated?

There is no other better proof than this that can clearly show the absence of humbleness in me. If I was humble enough, would I still feel humiliated? Certainly not. I was so upset that I told everyone about it.

...we conplain when we experience something unheavenly here on earth. ... We cry, "God, I'm tired of this trial! When are You going to make it end?" (That's what the Israelites said in the desert.) "God, You obviously don't understand how bad this problem is for me. Can't you see I'm suffering here? Oh God, when are you going to make that person change so that I can enjoy my life better?"

...Complaining to others is an indication that we don't mind spreading our distrust. Complaints mean we've forgotten that God is already blessing us. Did Jesus ever complain? He got upset sometimes, but he never complained, not even when they beat him and nailed him to the cross. Instead, he prayed for his persecutors: "Father, forgive them, because they don't know what they're doing." ...

~ by Terry Modica, Good News Ministry

I realized that humbleness is not just needed for my work, but in my daily encounter with everyone God sent, including my family members and my closest friends. Why should I let pride take control of me? What good can I do with pride leading the way? What good would I get out of self-gratification? Is there anything about me which I can boast about? Surely, NO! Deep down in my heart, I clearly know that I'm not a professional nor am I a great person; I have not made any significant contribution to the world; I'm a nobody in this world!

If Jesus the Almighty God and King of the whole universe, willingly came DOWN from Heaven to become a servant, how much more should I, a nobody, humble myself and follow the footsteps of my Master!! For St. Paul says, "Let him who boasts boast in the Lord." (1 Cor 1:31)

Father, please teach me to be meek and humble like You. I want to learn Your ways!

Inspired by Daily Reflection of 14 September, the feast of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

I'd like to ask for forgiveness from everyone for the many occasions when I've been rude, unfriendly and proud, whether in words or in action.
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