Sep 22, 2006

God's love always goes to...

... the unlovable. Like me.

He gave me a good education and found me a good company to work in... although I don't deserve it.

He gave me friends who really care; He opened my heart and my eyes to feel and see like He does... although I don't deserve it.

He always makes sure that I'm in good hands... although I don't deserve it.

He loves me so, even though I don't deserve His love. So many times, I crowned Him with the Crown of Thorns, I sent Him back to the Cross again; I clearly know that I'm very disappointing - I'm not as smart as the rest of my friends are, I'm weak and vulnerable inside although I look rather strong outside, I'm skill-less, not even good looking, I can't find any good quality in myself... in fact, I'm a good-for-nothing fellow.

But He loves me still. What is my worth? In reality, I'm worthless. In God's eyes, I'm worth dying for. The more I learnt of my unworthiness, the more I found God's untiring and unconditional love for me. Just by gazing at the Crucifix is enough to bring me to tears.

Father God, what have I done that I deserve all Your love? Please allow me to prove my love for You as You have proven Yours for me, as long as I live...
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