Nov 14, 2006

Something off-topic

Finally, I've successfully applied for broadband internet, which has taken about a few weeks. Thank God for that and I hope I can utilise this for His Glory alone. And hopefully too, that I can blog a little more often.

I've been travelling a lot these days, I keep going back to Bintulu, a small town approximately 45 minutes of flight from Kuching (where I live). For the moment, there is a pulp mill project going on so I have to go to the project site quite regularly. I'm not any important person; I'm just the assistance project coordinator. So far my job is just being the 'tour guide' of our sub-consultants or experts who work for us.

Here is how a longhouse looks like. I took this photo during my first trip to the project site (which is about 60 km away from the main town). It was my first experience communicating with the local people and being to one. During my second trip, I actually had a chance to dine with them.

These are how the local indigenous people look like. These are now modern longhouses. They have pour-flash toilets, electricity (generator-powered), engine boats, gas stoves etc, even handphones. Besides, they are nice and friendly too.

The traffic analyst, her 2 technicians and I (and my Caucasian colleague who took this photo) were heading back to the jetty after site visit. Do you know which one is me? Hehehe.

There you go. This beautiful British lady is my colleague. She's a Marine Biologist and her expertise is in fish fauna. She's been in Kuching for more than 6 years, and she knows her way around town better than I do!! So if you are planning for a holiday vacation in Kuching (Borneo, Sarawak), you can give her a call, provided she's not on travelling and is free. One sad thing, though, she's a lapsed Christian. That guy in blue suit was our fisherman and boatman then.

Tell me. Have you ever seen a prawn that big? The King Prawn. We caught 2 or 3 of these prawns, and later we had a good lunch over fresly cooked prawns. Yummy!

I noticed that my colleague was really facinated by the baby girl. That's why I took a photo of her with the local women. These women are really good at handicrafts, especially those having to do with weaving. They are beautiful people...

After 4 days of working hard, all of us took a group photo for remembrance. When I went back to the longhouse (the house of Thomas, first from the right) this morning, they people there actually called me Thomas' foster-daughter. Hahaha.

All in all, all the 3 trips have been real fun. I mean, fun in gaining some experiences and doing things for the first time. I thank God for all the nice people I've met... and also that I'm always in good hands.

God bless!
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