Sep 23, 2005

Bravo, Koreans!

Seriously and honestly, I have no idea whatsoever about Koreans - their culture, their beliefs, their lifestyle, their history etc. until I was stuck with the Korean drama 'The Legendary Doctor Hur Jun' and 'Jewel in the Palace'. At first, my impression of Koreans was that they have no difference with the Japanese. I know some of the history and language of the Japanese, so I couldn't bother doing some readings on the Koreans since they are the same (Koreans = Japanese). When I was first watching the Korean drama, I found their traditional costumes to be very weird and funny [my sincere appology to the Koreans!]. Gradually but surely, my perception about Koreans changed as I got addicted with 'The Legendary Doctor Hur Jun'.

Out of intense curiosity, I searched the internet for Korean Catholics. I only knew that Naju is the area with Catholics in Korea. Thanks God, I found one great website about the history of the Catholic in Korea. I am more than happy to read about it! I also read of how they (the martyrs) were persecuted because they refused to deny Christ. Today, the Catholics in Korea are actually growing despite the conflict between Church and the local culture.

It is just amazing to know that Koreans are among the martyrs of the Church. What amazed me the most is that Korea is one of the country in the Asia region with christian martyrs canonized (in 1984 by Pope JP II).

My next mission: To get to know more about Korea and visit the churches in Korea one day. ;)

God bless everyone.
p/s: For more information on Korean martyrs, click the link above.
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