Sep 2, 2005

Me, My Life and Fish

When I was young, my friends used to tease me about my name. I was so fed up that I hated myself for being born into the world and into this family (I can't blame my dad since...well, you'll know that later, just keep reading). But as I grow older, I found out that, perhaps, everything is God's brilliant plan - I'm 'related' to fish.

It all started with my surname. My surname is Yu. Actually, that's not my correct surname, I mean, wrong spelling. It's the fault of the person in the National Registration Department (or whatever it is called) during the processing of my dad's identity card. So, instead of Audrey Yii (which is my real surname), I became Audrey Yu. Yes, my surname's the one that caused all the 'trouble'.

In Malay language, 'Yu' is shark. In Mandarin, it means fish. (So now, any clue of how my blog url came about? *grin*) Ever since in primary school, friends would call me 'Ikan Yu' (= Shark), or 'Gold fish' (why gold, it's something to do with my middle name), or just 'fish'. Recently, my friends are pretty lazy to call me by my full name, so to them I'm 'Aud'. Slowly, my new name developed: Aud Yu = Aud Shark = Odd Shark. *Sigh*

Forget about my surname now. Let's talk about my food preference. I don't like taking meat, besides I'm a very lazy person too - unless the meat is de-boned, I would not take it. But then I just LOVE fish, especially fish fillet, even though it's not de-boned I'd still take it and I can even finish the whole fish by myself (well, of course it depends on the size of the fish)!

3 years ago when I received the offer letter from UNIMAS (the local university I'm in right now), I was totally shocked when I knew about the program they offered - Aquatic Resource Science and Management - it's all about the aquatic environment and its living things, including fish. FISH. Yes, FISH again! (Are you fed up with the word 'fish' now?)

Ok, fine, so what's so big deal about fish? I finished my first and second year of study successfully, and so here I am in the final year. The most important thing in the final year is our Final Year Project or Thesis. You should be able to guess what my project is on, it's...FISH.
Looks like I cannot be separated from fish, right? Even the symbol of Christianity is a fish (called icthyo-something, I forgot the word). Even my belief is connected with fish - one of the most important miracles of Jesus: feeding of the five thousand with 5 loaves and 2 FISHes; Jesus said He would teach us to be FISHers of men, etc.

In conclusion, obviously I'm related to fish. But I still don't understand. What does fish have to do with my Christian life and vocation? How about my future? Ok Lord, You'd better tell me Your plan or else.................... I shall pester You for the rest of Your life!!!! (Luckily there's just one Audrey Yu in the world, or else God might be having ultimate headaches!)
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