Sep 11, 2005

Which route?

I have just came back from field trip to collect fish samples yesterday, which causes me to be temporarily 'paralyzed'. My body is aching all over due to the journey on foot and climbing high and low in the jungle. I missed two classes and the usual Friday choir practice.
I went to the extra choir practice this afternoon and was told that there will be a concert on 1st October. We have been practicing four difficult hymns for a month now. All the older choir members do not have the knowledge of music basics, so it is a little difficult for them to get the correct notes and timing. For the young ones, all of us are still schooling and unable to attend the practices on weekdays. So in order that everyone turns up for the practice, the conductor decided to make it compulsory to go for practice every Sunday evening. Two hours a week a practice for one month is not enough for us!
I do not have any problem with the time of practice, the problem lies in my parents. Before my 3rd year of campus life began, my parents make me promise them not to take part in any extra activities connected with youths and choir (eg. youth camp, concert etc.). I took that lightly, thinking that they might change their mind in the future. At the same time, I promised the Lord my service whenever and where ever He needs it. Now, when they heard about the forth-coming concert, they wanted me to give it up due to my exams and another field trip two days before the concert.
I really do not know what to do. Sometimes I'm tempted to just give up singing completely instead of having to make so many choices. But how can I forget the kindness God has shown me? It is out of love that I joined the choir. Every song of praise and adoration springs forth from my heart out of love. Many a times, God touches me through music. Give up music and singing? Never!! But that would mean going against my parents! To them, I should put my studies first before anything else at this moment.
Which route should I take? Should I continue practising for the concert despite my tight schedule, or just be a good daughter and listen to my parents? *sigh* Why do I always have to face dilemma of this kind - choosing between obeying my parents and listening to my own heart?
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