Sep 1, 2005

Something fishy...?!

Yes, didn't you smell fish? You know, it's the fishy smell on your hands after you deal with fish. Didn't you smell.... ME?

I have that smell all over me - my shirt, my pants (not undergarment, mind you!), my hair and especially my hands... gosh when will the smell go away?! In real fact I don't SMELL that much, it's just too much contact with fish so everything smells like fish to me. I wonder if I've used to the smell, the shape of the fish and the word 'fish' itself lately. I tend to look for a fish for lunch and dinner for these few days! (Nooo... I'm addicted to fissshhhh~~~!)

I've just finished the job today. Yep, all the 15 samples with over a thousand fishes for just 3 days (Yay! I'm on my way to be a fish expert! =P ). My hands are 'preserved' by formalin, and the skin has started peeling. Everytime I wash my hands... nay you don't want to know, am afraid that you might not be able to eat later. ( =P haha it's not so serious! But the formalin really has an effect on my skin and somehow it is painful when I get in contact with water.)

Ok, no more fish. It's time to go home and take a good bath. (I'm now in the computer lab. Geeee... those sitting beside me are all leaving, guess I should be smelling really bad...)

God bless everyone. ^_^


ukok said...

I had a lovely tuna salad last night -ukok runs away before Audrey can throw a fish at her!

God Bless.

techwilson said...

mei ar, next time please wash ur hand before send me msn massage, i smell some fish here.... :)

Audrey said...

Owwhhh.... TUNAAAAA.... MAH FAVOURITE!!!!! *running after ukok* Hey, me want some toooo... =P

Audrey said...

Hehehe, in that case I shall not wash my hands... I want to 'share' the smell with you... muahahahaha (am I mean?)

techwilson said...

i'm bad luck to have a mei that mean, well just let him feed the smell for the rest of my life lor....wat to do..... ha..ha..., then i feed him with my "goat" smell as well muahahaha.....