Jul 30, 2005

Faith is

Faith is...
Faith is believing when there's nothing to believe.
Faith is trusting when trust has been deceived.
Faith is looking upward when clouds obscure your view.
Faith is taking one more step when the path is hid from you.

Faith is reaching out your hand when no one reaches back.
Faith is catching up the torch when confidence you lack.
Faith is racing toward the goal when you're too tired to run.
Faith is stretching for the prize when it seems it will never be won.

Faith is saying "Yes, I will" when you don't think you can.
Faith is rising when you fall and going on again.
Faith is trying one more time when you've lost the will to try.
Faith is living proudly when you want to quit and die.

Faith is this, and more - much more - when you place your faith in God.
"Tis trusting Him to lead you as step by step you trod. Although you cannot see Him, yet knowing He is there,
Press on with full assurance that He knows, He keeps, He cares.

Faith is simply trusting in your Heavenly Father's love;
Believing He will lead you to that blessed home above.
Content to know He'll guide you through every night and day,
That He will never leave you as you walk along Life's way.

So trust Him when the shadows fall dark across the road,
And trust Him when you're weary beneath a heavy load.
He'll give you strength and courage for each trial you must bear,
And lift you in His mighty arms and hold you in His care.

- by Ruth Martin
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