Jul 23, 2005

Uphill Climb

Life is more an uphill climb than smooth sailing, isn't it?

This is another week filled with anger for me. I really wonder what's wrong. Most probably it's because of my project proposal. I should have seen my supervisor much early before he went off to the thick forest of Bario. Honest, I didn't know this proposal thingy would cause me so much trouble. Actually I've identified some of the sampled fish, but I have exactly no idea which fish my supervisor wanted me to work on.

At first, Mr.Lee told us (me and my another friend under his supervision) that we were both doing the same research - catch the fish (for my friend's case, the shrimp) and attempt to breed them in the lab's aquarium. But then, when I asked him again about whether I'll be breeding my fish, he said we have to see if we could find both the male and female. I did a little look-up from the net and found that some of the fishes I identified are aquarium fishes. If that is so, trying to produce these fishes aquaculturally is not something new. Aaaarrgghhh~~! I'm such a loser, am I not? My own project but I don't know what it is for.

I'm pretty sure of one thing, I'm expecting a 'good' scolding from Mr.Lee when he's back. *Sigh* Is this how university life is supposed to be? Doing research is something I've been looking forward to since young. But why is it giving me so much headache now?

A student's life is never easy. My life is even more complicated. One good question that I want to find out: When will I get my PhD? (PhD = Permanent Head Damage)
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