Jul 28, 2005

Hey! Pay attention!

Have you ever let your mind travel elsewhere when you're doing something, eg. washing clothes, cooking, attending the lecture, talking with friends and even when eating? I have, and it's not just once or twice. Let me tell you what's been going on with me, starting from last night.

I was getting ready to do laundry. I positioned the semi-auto washing machine next the washroom. Dumped my clothes in, poured some Dynamo detergen into the pail of water, stirred it and then poured it into the washing machine. Then I went to plug it into the socket, switched it on, and turned the timer. I stared at my idle clothes for a few seconds only to realize that the machine wasn't moving. My housemate happened to pass by and saw me getting panic. He laughed at me as he turned the 'drain' dial to 'normal'. Only then, the machine started moving. Owh gosh, what am I doing? I murmured to myself.

The machine stopped. I got up from my table, took my pail and went to the washing machine. I set the pail in place, open the lid of the spinner, getting ready to tumble dry the clothes. My housemate once again walked over and laughed at me again...well, I forgot to rinse my clothes before drying them. *sigh* So I let the water drain, took my pail and filled it full with water and pour it into the washing machine, only to see more water flowing out - I forgot to set the 'drain' dial to 'normal'. Luckily my housemate wasn't there that time. *sigh* How unfortunate. I've been a laughing stock for him last night.

Ok, that's the end of my laundry story. And here starts another one. I went back to my room and continued doing my work. My friend was helping my room mate with her pc. She told me that she will be cooking tomorrow, and asked me not to go for dinner. I said ok. When I met her again this morning, I have forgotten totally about what she said. Owh well, of course I got scolded by her.

During the Remote Sensing lecture, I was falling asleep while looking at the slides, once in a while I just stared at the screen with my brain totally blank. No idea what I was scribbling too. *sigh* The lecture was only 1 hour, but it felt like hours! *sigh*

Oh... I flawed my presentation yesterday. Was really really angry with myself that I didn' get to talk to all my classmates. Mean, eh? Well, that's just me when I'm mad.

Well, looks like I've been 'abnormal' for two days. Hopefully I'll be back to my own self soon. And for all of you reading this, try your best not to become like me. I'm totally stressed out. Hopefully I can still be alive when the proposal presentation is over.
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