Jul 29, 2005

When you know it's insane to be insane

Exactly. You don't want people to call you crazy, do you? Well, nobody does. But have you ever tried to be insane just for the fun of it? I ever, and I do that pretty often too! =P

Sometimes I just want to 'take revenge' on friends who like to 'bully' me. Take for instance, a few guys from my class love to tease me when they meet me outside the class, "Audrey, say hi!" When I got fed up of it, I would sometimes answer them in such a sexy way that I scare them off. You'll hear me answering back "Hiiii Honey!", and then see them making faces in disgust "eeeewwww" or "eee... tak kenal" (I don't know you) or "lari, cepat lari!" (run, quick, run). Hahaha... in the end I'm the one who's laughing at the way they responded. Wish you could be there and see for yourself how funny it is.

There are times when I lose control of my temper and I go 'shooting' those who crossed my line. I don't really care who that person is, whether they are my parents, my friends, my aunties or uncles, anybody at all. One day, the kids whom my mom is taking care of talked to my parents about 'The Most ______ person' they've met. And guess what, I'm on the top of the list for 'The Most Fierce Person'. I was laughing to myself when my mom told me that. Then last night, my housemate's guy friend came over to disturb her. She got annoyed and asked him to disturb me instead, but that guy said "No way, she's scarily fierce." I wasn't really in good mood that time, so one thought came to me suddenly - Hey, I'm so proud of myself! I shall be the lady whom every man fears! Hah hah hah *evil laugh* (luckily nobody heard me laughing inside). Hmm... that's not something impossible, perhaps I should announce it to the whole world, that I'm the world's most fearsome lady!! Hahahahaha...(Oops, sorry, I went a bit out of my mind. Hehe.)

I'm popular for crazy ideas too. People who know me knows that I don't like keeping my hair long. My friends love to urge me (and that bothers me) to keep my hair so that I will look more feminine, but I let them down again and again. Oh well, it's not wrong for girls not to keep long hair, isn't it? There's no written law concerning this too. So one thought crossed my mind: Majority girls keep their hair long and as long as posibble, but I'm going against this trend - I shall keep my hair as short as possible, it doesn't matter if my parents don't like it, or my friends don't like it, or even my boyfriend don't like it...hey it's my hair and I can do whatever I like with my hair and it's totally none of anybody's business! (<-- that's to anyone who still dare to force me to keep my hair long!)

Probably right now you are thinking that I'm insane. But let me tell you, I'm perfectly normal. I just find it boring sometimes to go with the flow, it's not challenging at all. Sometimes we really need to be a little 'abnormal' so that we won't feel bored with life. By the way, I believe bungee jumping is created by people who are full of crazy ideas, most probably crazier than me. Anyways, I'll NEVER try out bungee. It has gone far out of my craziness range!

So what about you? To what extend of craziness can you reach?
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