Jul 23, 2005

A New Start

I've wasted about 3 hours just to customize this blog. I'm really new to this, so I have difficulties getting around. But I guess it's worth all the hard work. See, my blog looks much nicer now. At least it's not as bare as before I editted the page.

Now back to myself. *sigh* My project proposal is still less than half way done. Actually I'm stuck at the introduction. I've never kept an aquarium at home, so how on earth am I able to write something on the aquarium industry? Have been looking for info from the net, but not much found. My supervisor is away in the jungle, having some kind of field trip. By the time he came back, it would only be 10 days left before the presentation of proposal. So now, I can only do as much as I can and then leave the rest to God.

Right now, I gotta give myself a rest. Too much time spent on the computer and blogging, my eyes are getting really tired.
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