Jul 30, 2005

I hate...

...presentation. And I've just flawed one last Monday! I just don't get it. Why is that I like to stutter when I'm in front of people? I wasn't like that. I could express myself in English quite fluently and spontaneously. Clearly, my English is going down the drain. Excuses? Not reading any English books and newspapers, too much Chinese series instead of English ones and too much conversation in Mandarin with my Chinese friends. I'm starting to hate myself for that.

I've always hated presentation. Funny enough, I was so much relieved after I presented. I wasn't afraid of questions though, instead I await questions. Since when I've mutated into a question-lover, it must have been after what I've been through during Environmental Development class. For me, questions are challenges people throw at me, and I accept them happily.

I've tried my best to relax during a presentation and stop my stupid stutter for 3 years, but I've not succeeded. The proposal presentation is just around the corner, and I am in deep trouble. No matter how confident I am, I'm still the same... stutter and extremely nervous for no reason at all.

From this, I know that my future profession is certainly not teaching or giving talks, anything that requires me to stand out and speak to the crowd.

Presentation? Please spare my life if possible. I admit I'm a loser.
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