Aug 31, 2005

48th Anniversary of Independence

I'm not a patriotic person, nor am I not non-patriotic. But still, I'm thankful. I'm thankful for today, for the leaders Malaysia has, for the peaceful state Malaysia is in, for no natural
calamities (except for the recent Tsunami, but it didn't affect my area) and for the many benefits freedom we as Malaysians enjoy. And I'm especially thankful to the Lord for putting me here in Malaysia. Although I'm not born into a rich and well-known family, at least I have a God-fearing family.

I offer up my prayers for my beloved country:

Lord God, You guide the universe with wisdom and love.Hear the prayer I offer for my country. Through the honesty of our citizens and the wisdom of those who govern, may all citizens enjoy the fruits of justice and peace, development and progress. Bless those with authority with a sense of justice and wisdom, that they may truly be concerned and work for the interest of all citizens, irrespective of race and belief. Protect our country from all enemies; from disasters and calamities;from epidemics and sicknesses. Grant faith to our citizens that they may acknowledge you as Lord and God, respect your commandments, and give glory to Your holy name. Amen.

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