Aug 23, 2006

Confirmation Anniversary

8 years ago, I received the Sacrament of Confirmation. It was so beautiful that I can hardly forget about it. Today, I'm just so glad that I said "yes" to God, and I'll be saying "yes" to Him throughout another year in everything I'm going to do.

I didn't have any special celebration. It just happened that my good friends from university called me up and we went out for a 'reunion' dinner at KFC. I sure had a good dinner with lots of laughter and fun-filled moments.

Besides, I'm working right now as an Environmental Executive. Just started work on Monday 21st August. It's not an easy job... I write EIA reports and Terms Of Reference (TOR), going to project site to collect samples, and even meeting clients. Right now I'm helping out with the writing of TOR for one project. I'm praying for God's wisdom, strength and blessings so that I can finish the current project in time. Please say a prayer for me too! You can read the post about this job of mine HERE.

Photo courtesy Dayspring.
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