Aug 11, 2006

My convocation

Hooray! I had my graduation ceremony on the 6th August (oops, yes I know I should have posted these photos earlier. But something came up so they have to wait). How did I feel? Joy to the extreme. Hehe. And thankful too, that I finally come to an end of the campus life. I know that I didn't really excel in studies, but I also know that God has His own plan for me. And besides, I didn't do too badly at all... 'cos I qualified for convocation! Lord, I knew that since You brought me to it, You'll bring me through it. And You did! Thank you Lord!

See those flowers? I didn't expect anybody to buy me flowers or gifts, but a junior came with these and it was indeed a pleasant surprise! It was my first time to receive flowers from someone.

Here are some of my good friends who have journeyed with me through thick and thin. Not all the time, but we've enjoyed moments together. The memory of these three years shall I carefully keep in the treasure box of my heart. :) Too bad I couldn't get the whole gang in, since everybody was busy with photo taking. For those who are not in the photo and those who are, I love you all! And thank you for the friendship I enjoyed and cherished. May God bless your future and everything you do. Ohh... and CONGRATULATIONS... to ALL OF US!!! ;)
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