Aug 31, 2006

I get emotional... for Him

I get emotional when I kneel before the Tabernacle. I miss Him so much, and I wish that He would appear right before my eyes so that I can run into His embrace.

I get emotional when it comes to singing. Any kind of songs or hymns can remind me of my need of Him.

I get emotional when friends are discussing vocations. I've always dreamt of the moment I would take my vow... the vow of everlasting love for Him and Him alone.

I got emotional when a friend said he wanted to marry me. I got so angry and asked him to shut up. I felt so painful inside when I imagined myself living my life for somebody else and not Him.

No. I can no longer tolerate His absence in my life. Who can satisfy my every need and desire but He alone?

Have you ever felt this way? That the more you tried to disappoint and hurt Him, the more abundantly He would bless you. And the more He blesses you, the more guilty you would feel. When His love started to overflow in you, you realised that He is all you've ever wanted and needed. And gradually you began to see everything differently, because you see things through His eyes. Finally, He became the most important part of your life.

I am experiencing that right now. And I don't want that feeling to fade away. I want it to stay that way... to be occupied by Him spiritually, mentally and physically.

Fill me with Your fire, Lord, and change me deep within so that in everything I do, I'll do it for Your glory. Lord, guide me with the help of Your Spirit, and take away desires and things that keep me from You. Lord, please let me prove my love for You.
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