Aug 12, 2006

Don't give anger a chance!

Don't you think this is kinda scary? We've never realised that being angry is really scary.

Anger. It's such a familiar word to me. Bad temper. That's one of my characteristics many friends of mine can easily identify.

I have been trying real hard to keep my temper under control, but sometimes, it disrupts when I'm unnecessarily provoked. I don't like getting angry at all. When my patience has reached its limit, I can become violent. But I thank God that so far, I haven't hurt anybody yet. Nor do I wish to hurt anyone in the future.

I landed on this post by Moneybags: "On Anger" By St. John Vianney. It is terrifying to know that we actually give authority to the Devil to take control of us when we let anger manisfest itself in us. The damage anger can do are unpredictable. And so, before we burst into anger, it is wise if we can think of the hurt we will inflict on the others, as well as on God whom we love so much.

"On Anger" By St. John Vianney is a good article to read up if you have a bad temper like I do. By God's grace, I'm sure I'll be able to control my temper better. Lord God, take control of me and my temper so that I'd not hurt you and myself in return.

Photo courtesy of Indymedia Italy.
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