Jan 28, 2006

Christmas, Narnia and the World

What? Are you nuts? Christmas was like one month ago and you're still talking about Christmas? Are you OK? Hey, it's time to move on! Don't you realize that it's now 2006??

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. Whatever you like to call me -- nuts, insane, idiot, out-of-date, blah blah blah... Let me tell you something. Don't get it wrong, buddy. Christmas is not just celebrated on 25th December. Christmas begins in the hearts of every believer. That means, the most important celebration of Christmas happens in the hearts of Christians.

Anyhow, Christmas isn't the main focus here. Secularism is.

I do not know how many people out there have stopped by here and read about this great article. If you have not, then welcome!

Let's fight against secularism together.
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