Jan 23, 2006

New Year celebration... the 2nd time

I was trying to change the background to red, since we, the Chinese will be celebrating another new year for a second time -- Chinese New Year. In other words, the Lunar New Year. But I guess I've given up trying... I'm not a good user of HTML at all. So it's kind of difficult for me.

The Lunar New Year starts on the 29th January. On the 28h, we'll be having a reunion dinner. You can come here* to see what are the type of food that must be on the table (oh well, I've never cared about stuff like that, so I honestly don't know much about the number and type of food taken during CNY).

I'll try posting some decorations among other things, me going visiting etc. Oh, I'll ensure you that what you're going to see soon will be RED, RED and RED... the lucky colour for traditional Chinese (that surely doesn't include me!!!)

Stay tuned. God bless!

*I checked the site few minutes ago and found that it's not really helpful, but you can browse around anyway.
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