Jan 31, 2006

Celebrating with sadness

Orphans and unfortunate people watching lion dance with the crew.

Lady in tears while being interviewed by the TV crew.

How many of us out there would remember those who cannot celebrate a joyous occasion such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, the way we celebrate?

I was waiting for another TV program to begin when the short documentary was shown. A group of people (multi-racial) from the Malaysian Charity Organization (I don't remember if that's the correct name) were seen reaching out to a few poor Chinese families and orphans at an orphanage who had no chance to celebrate Chinese New Year. They comforted them, bought them the daily needs they could not afford and helped to prepare a feast for these special people.
Both the feelings of sadness and gratitude flooded me. I am grateful that there are [still] kind people out there who willingly take care of the needs of orphans and the poor, regardless of their race and religion. On the other hand, I feel sad and disappointed with myself... I call myself the child of God, the follower of Christ, yet I can do nothing to help these people. Seeing their helplessness, I feel so helpless myself!
Please join me in prayers for all these people around the world. Thank you!
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