Jan 11, 2006


Me? Yes. Very.

3 more months to go and I'll be graduating. Before I decide whether to work or to continue Masters degree, I want to know everything about becoming a Secular Carmelite. If time permits, I'd like to spend a few weeks after graduation to concentrate on the discernment of my vocation.

I am not satisfied with what I was told when I called to ask about the matter. The person simply replied that they don't accept students. That was all? Yeps. That's why I'm not satisfied.
I can't believe I was so stupid that I didn't see the email address printed on the page. I only noticed it last Sunday, and quickly sent a mail to the person-in-charge. I wanted to check my mails on Monday and Tuesday, but I couldn't get access to the internet. I hope I will get a reply when I open my mailbox later.

Am I expecting anything? Hmm.. I don't know. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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