Jan 11, 2006

Knowing the saint

Thanks to Moneybags and his friend, St. Louise de Marillac has chosen me. And so after doing a lot of readings about her, I have finally decided to make her my model saint for the year.

Perhaps, this is all God's plan. First of all, He gave me the opportunity to learn French language and write my assignment on French culture during the last semester. In the process of information gathering, I met a nice Catholic French lady at Vatican Friends who kindly helped me out with my assignment. Just recently, I watched the French movie "Taxi I-III", exposing me to how exactly French people interact with each other. Without me knowing it, I am now chosen by a French saint, St. Louise de Marillac. Somehow I feel that God is preparing me to meet this saint of French origin.

She is a total stranger to me before I read about her. To my surprise, she ever worked closely with the saint whom I am rather familiar with - St. Vincent de Paul (and guess what, I've just realised that he was also a French!) Thanks to Moneybags again, he reminded me to observe whether there is any connection between the two of us. And yes, I found out few similarities between us.

I realised that, like St.Louise, I am greatly attracted to religious life. I have the opportunity to interact with the nuns; my aunt is a religious too! I have also eaten with them, visited the sick with them, prayed with them, and witnessed the joy and satisfaction on their faces. It was from them that I learned more about human services. Knowing them makes me long for the Lord even more!

Throughout this year, I would like to discover and learn how to humbly render services to people in need from St. Louise. I suspect this might be an answer from the Lord that I have been waiting for all these while. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Do you want a saint picked for you too? Then send a request to Moneybags. Read more about St. Louise de Marillac here and here .
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