Jan 6, 2006

Eucharistic Miracle II

In 1226 in Santarem, Portugal, a lady went to consult a medium - hoping that the medium would help her stop her constant quarrel with her husband. The medium asked her to bring along a consecrated host so that he would be able to solve her problem. So she went to her church pretending to receive Holy Communion. She put the sacred host in her handkerchief and rn off to see the medium. While she was on the way, the sacred host started to bleed profusely which was seen by several pedestrians. She was so frightened by the sight; she quickly rushed home and put the bleeding host in a box in the room next to her room.

When her husband came back that night, he could sense something mysterious going on in their house. He noticed that the room next to their bedroom was unusually bright. He entered the room and saw light coming from the box where the bleeding host was being kept. He asked his wife for an explanation. She confessed her sin to him.

The next morning, they went to report to their parish priest about this sacrilege. The priest went to their house, took the bleeding host, kept it in a container made of wax and put it in the tabernacle in their church. A few days later, when he opened the tabernacle, he found the container broken into pieces and the bleeding host in a crystal container which no scientist at that time knew how to make. This crystal containing the bleeding host is still being kept in a monstrance in St.Stephen's church in Satarem, Portugal.

(Adapted from The Healing Power of the Eucharistic Lord by Bishop Dominic Su.)
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