Mar 25, 2006

Journey with Jesus to the Cross

"We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You."
"Because by Your holy cross You have redeemed the world."

God made it possible for me to attend the weekly Lenten reflection, Mass and Stations of the Cross. Until this week, I've actually attended all the reflections and the Stations. Thank you, Lord!

I've started to like the Stations, especially when it is done together with the whole congregation in church. I felt so real... as if Jesus was visibly there but because I was at the very back of the crowd, I couldn't see Him. My heart was filled with sorrow, my eyes wet. There were two stational prayers that gagged me with tears:

"O Jesus! Falling again under the burden of our sins, and of Your sufferings for our sins, how often we grieved You by our repeated falls into sin! Oh, may we rather die than offend You again!" (7th Station)

"O Jesus! We devoutly embrace that honoured cross where You loved us even unto death. In that death we place all our confidence. Henceforth let us live only for You, let us die loving You, and in Your sacred arms." (12th Station)

I cannot understand why I can be so emotional. Is it something good, or bad? Does that indicate my love for Him has increaced tremendously? Does anyone else experienced the same situation like I did?

Ahh... whatever it is, I'm looking forward to the Station of the Cross next Friday.

I chanced upon the Online Stations of the Cross, suitable for private meditation and for those who cannot make it to the Stations in church.

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