Mar 13, 2006

Please pray for us! *updated*

Latest news: Another toddler died!
KUCHING: A 14-month-old toddler in Bintulu became the latest to die of the HFM disease in Sarawak, bringing the number of fatalities to six since the outbreak, Deputy Chief Minister said yesterday. [...] All the six children who died were below five. A total of 82 children have also been admitted to hospitals for HFM, including 33 brought in as of noon yesterday. ...he said that as of noon yesterday 213 new cases had been reported, bbringing a total so far to 3,984.

The Hand, Foot and Mouth (HFM) disease has reoccured right here in the state where I live. Here are some of the news excerpts from the local newspapers:

KUCHING: The deadly Enterovirus71 (EV71) virus that gripped the nation in 1997 has emerged in Sarawak this year, claiming one life so far and forcing one kindergarten here to be closed for two weeks since Wednesday... (New Straits Times, 25/02/2006)

MIRI: The State government has advised parents against holding birthday parties and other gatherings for young children during the epidemic of Hand, Foot and Mouth (HFM) Disease in the State. The relevant authority is also keeping a watchful eye on primary schools and will not hesitate to close them if there are signs of the disease spreading... (Borneo Post, 05/03/06)

SIBU: The Medical Department here require the operators of all kindergartens and nurseries in town to disinfect their premises up to two times following the order of their temporary closure last Friday. This will have to be done in a fortnight so that these premises will be totally safe for the children when they return [...] The cases in Sibu constitute more than half the total cases in Sarawak, and as in the 1997 outbreak, the majority of these cases were from urban areas where infection spread fast among children in crowded areas... (Borneo Post, 05/03/06)

SIBU: Although the HFM disease has spread mostly in crowded urban areas, villagers have been taking to hospital their children whom they suspected of having been infected. [...] There is no known cure for the disease and only supportive treatments are given for the fever, ulcers and other symptoms...
(Borneo Post, 05/03/06)

SIBU: [...] He (DAP State Party Chairman) said following the closure, parents should isolate their children, especially the infected ones. He hoped employers would not make it difficult for their workers who were mothers who should be given extra time to look after their sick children...
(Borneo Post, 05/03/06)

Please join me in prayers for the infected children and their family, and for the medical officers and those who are taking care of the sick children, and the authorities involved in controlling the spread of the disease. A sincere Thank You from us in Malaysia!


Diego said...


Expect my prayers for the people who died because of that disease.

I'll pray for them...

Audrey said...


Thank you so much... on behalf of all the suffering children and their parents!