Mar 5, 2006

What drives your live?

I find that reading and reflecting upon the Purpose Driven Life is really a good idea, suggested by Piscotikus. Thanks for the reminder, Piscotikus!

If you have the Purpose Driven Life book and you've stopped half way through it, let's together pick it up again this Lent. However, if you've never heard of it and would like to give it a try, then grab that book and start reading! Then drop by here to share your thoughts. But please keep in mind that only those who have read the book can participate in the sharing.

Let us accompany the Lord in His journey to Resurrection. God bless.


Llynya said...

I have passed by this book several times in numerous stores... I just might have to go ahead and pick it up =)

Audrey said...

Hello llynya,
Thank you for dropping by. Oh yes, you should pick it up and give it a try! ;)

God bless your Lent!