Mar 28, 2006

My 3rd Week of Lent

Not pleasant as well. I was tested on friendship last week.

My two friends - one of them is my room mate (friend A) while the other is my housemate's girlfriend (friend B), both are good friends of mine - had a fight the previous week (I wasn't around) and ended up with cold war. If I were right, the two of them are no longer friends.

I really didn't know what to do, even until today. I've promised A weeks ago to go for dinner with her, which I've been doing since last 2 weeks. Somehow I feel that B isn't very happy everytime she saw me together with A. I refuse to eat with B because her boyfriend isn't happy when I'm around, although B likes it when her friends join them for lunch/dinner. I have heard the story from both sides, and I clearly know that B has used the wrong approach, but before this 'war' I've already advised B yet she refused to listen. Seriously I really didn't know what should be done right now. Perhaps, the only way is to lift this matter up to God... It hurts me to see the both of them hating each other...

Something unexpected happened too. Our parish priest trusted me with his presentation slides with which he'll use during his speech this weekend, even though somebody else offered to help. It's weird, because since that particular incident (long story, I'll mention that some other time) I seldom talk to him anymore. Ahhh... whatever. Who knows, it might be part of God's misterious plan.

How was your Lent last week?

I'll be praying for the Parish Youth Ministry core team members this week, for all of us are battling the very same issue - we are serving God, but why do we have to live up to the expectation of others?? Also praying for those people who came into my mind this week. If you need prayers, simply let me know in the comment box.

God bless everyone on the 4th week of Lent.
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