Mar 19, 2006

My 2nd Week of Lent

It wasn't a smooth week either. I faced a few setbacks that really tested my faith. And I thank the Lord for bringing me through the storms safely, and also for the blessings that I've received this week.

The worst obstacle that I stumbled upon was the last minute work for an assignment. They only told me the parts I was to handle 2 days before the due date, causing me to work under much stress. When I handed to them the final compiled work, they were not satisfied and put all the blame on me. I was furious. They were my closest classmates, and look, what were they doing all these while? We've been hanging out together for 3 long years, and still they didn't know that I don't work well last minute and under stress? Thank God my anger did not burst into unpleasant angry words. Thanks God too for my room mate who saw me putting my best into the work, and despised them for their attitude towards me.

I achieved No.13 of my 15 ways to improve my lent. I helped a friend by looking through her thesis draft that was to be handed up the next day. As she was exposed to English much later than me, she has problems in expressing herself and grammar usage. I accompanied her until 5 a.m., and was immediately unconscious when I closed my eyes.

My tongue was well-controlled this week, and I've practised patience. It was a breakthrough! Thank You, Lord! For the 3rd week of Lent, I shall add to my prayer list those whom I dislike and special prayers for my parents. If there's anything you'd like me to pray for, just add them in the comment box.

How was your second week of Lent?

God bless all those who did and did not made it through this week, and let's pray for His continuous guidance for another week of preparation ahead.
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