Jun 21, 2006

Chastity and adultery

Some of my non-christian and Christian friends like to ask me the question about chastity.

I told them that keeping oneself chaste is important but not easy. However, if one really desires to live a life of chastity, it is not impossible for God willingly guides if only one asks.

To be honest, I too, have experienced difficulties in keeping myself chaste. In the past, I had a wrong concept about purity and chastity. I cannot deny that I've watched porn before, out of pure curiosity. And I thought that as long as I don't desire for it, it would be alright. But this is so wrong! Do you know that even the singles commit adultery? We sin even if we only fantasize about having an affair.

...this is also true for those who are single, for their Spouse is God. Any Christian who is not in a valid, committed marriage has God as their Spouse. Therefore, living as if married without being married is adultery against God.
That also means... I (and you) have committed an adultery against God too by watching porn, be it out of curiosity, for fun or any other reasons.

That's why Jesus is actually addressing everyone, single and married, when he spoke in Matthew 5:27-32.

Our eyes caused us to sin if we watch movies with lust-producing scenes, for example, when these scenes imbed themselves in our mind and affect our thinking. We must 'tear out and throw away' whatever endangers purity and holy thoughts.

Perhaps, there is only one way to make sure we live a life that pleases God, that is to always keep our eyes on Jesus and fill our thoughts with Him. Not an easy task, is it?

Inspired by Terry A. Modica

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