Jun 26, 2006

Woman persecuted for leaving Islam

News reported by Compas Direct.

Happened in Pakistan just recently. It is really sad to know that persecution of Christians are still happening all over the world from time to time.

I had one encounter with a Muslim the other day when I was chatting in a Catholic chatroom in Yahoo. This guy popped up a question: Does anyone know how many Muslims have been persecuted by Christians over the centuries? And I responded by turning his question around: Do you know that how many Christians are persecuted by Muslims over the centuries up to today? He was rather mad with my respond. I believe that I didn't say anything wrong. That's a fact, and what happened to this woman who converted to Catholic proves it all.

The other thing that really saddens me is this:

The Christian couple stayed with the nuns for eight months but was eventually forced to flee after one of the sisters treated them badly and informed the Muslim community that Shafi was a convert.
Oh dear... that sister's action was so un-Catholic! She has indirectly betrayed Christ!!

Let us remember the couple in our prayers, may the Lord keep them safe under His care. Mary, our Beloved Mother, you and St. Joseph flee from Herod to protect little Baby Jesus, please pray and watch over this couple, Shafi and Paul and their two children, so that they can continue to evangelize and bear witness to the Father. St. Joseph, foster father to our Lord, pray for us. Amen.

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