Jun 11, 2006

The Mighty Hands

The Hands that made the world
and gave the sun and moon their light
are the tiny Hands of a baby born
one cold December night

The Hands that stilled the wind
and tamed the fury of the sea
are the calloused Hands of a carpenter
who lived in poverty

The Hands that held the power
to break the binding chains of sin
are the gentle Hands that washed the feet
of tired and dusty men

The Hands that cleansed the leper,
healed the sick and raised the dead
are the praying Hands of one who cried,
"Not My will, but Thine instead"

The Hands that shaped the universe
and flung the stars in space
are the nail-pierced Hands of a dying man
who suffered in our place

The Hands of our Creator,
Lord and King of Heaven above,
are the Savior's Hands forever reaching out
to us with love!"
~B. J. Hoff

...and also the Hands of my Redeemer dearest, who healed my illness and my pain!

I apologize to the faithful readers of my humble and nothing-special blog for not updating it for two weeks. I was sick with respiratory inflammation but I thank the Lord for the speedy recovery He granted me. I was 80% healed in just 3 days (praise the Lord!), but took a few more days off to rest and also to entertain some visiting relatives from another town. Please join me in thanking the Lord for His mercy and love He has shown upon me.

Thank you and God bless!
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