Jun 10, 2006

Never ending Da Vinci Code

Yup. It's the Da Vinci Code again. But this time, I smiled when I read the news. I really wonder, if a country as conservative as China banned the movie to respect Catholics, why can't Malaysia do the same?

Here's the news.

Via The Da Vinci Code

China bans Da Vinci Code after all

Even though the movie has been playing in China for three weeks already, making over 13 million dollars so far, the Chinese government has decided to ban The Da Vinci Code after all. "The government wants to show respect to [the Catholics'] will and doesn't want to cause trouble because of one movie. The Chinese government has always been very cautious on ethnic and religious issues," was the official word. Sony is naturally dissapointed, but happy that the movie did a substantial amount of business before it was pulled.

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