Jun 26, 2006

Prayer Request

As I clicked the "Publish Post" button to submit my most recent post on homosexual march in Paris on 25 June, I received an SMS from my best pal. He told me that he would be meeting his 'boyfriend' today, and that he would be having a two-week 'honeymoon' with him.

I lost my sense of direction that very moment. I had no idea how I should convince him that what he felt for the other guy is not true 'love', which he's been searching for. Worse still, he is not a Christian. Using the Bible and the teachings of the Church to prove that what he's doing is wrong will never work.

As a Catholic, I disapprove homosexuality and homosexual acts; yet my best buddy turned out to be a homosexual. It hurts me so to see him going the wrong way, and all I can do is sit here and keep worrying and do nothing.

I humbly ask for a short prayer from all of you who are reading this post for this friend of mine. Please pray that he would not go any further in their relationship. And let us also join our prayers for homosexuality in our world today.

I thank you for your kindness and your prayers! God bless.

Lord, have mercy on my friend and show him Your tremendous love. Let Your Will be done, my Lord. Mary, our Mother, please guide your children who have gone astray!

What the Church says about homosexuality and a short reflection by Alan.
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