Jun 10, 2006

Family Seminar 19-21 May

I attended a family seminar specially organised by our Parish, in our Parish, for our parishioners (of course, we welcome those who are not from our parish too!). The speaker was Martin Jalley, a well-known trainer and author in West Malaysia. He is also known for training and supporting Catholic Youths.

These were roughly the topics he touched on while he was here:
  • Catholic parenting - The 7 major threats on family life according to the teachings of Pope John Paul II; how to have a healthy relationship with children; influences on youths today etc.
  • Children/Youth session - What is life; how to make the most out of life; the role of children/youths toward parents; what is love, sex etc.
  • Family session - Make a difference; drama by youths etc.
Overall, I've learned a lot from this simple talk. I attended even the parents session - I wanted to know what Pope John Paul II had mentioned about family life, and I also got to know a little about Vatican II. And the most important thing I've learnt is that life as a Christian is never easy, especially in a world with so many false 'truths'. We as Christians should swim against the current. That is why most of the times I feel so left out... I say 'no' to what my non-Christian friends say 'yes'. Perhaps, this is a sign that I am travelling in the right path...

Here are some of the pictures taken during the drama participated by youths who went for the Youth session. We enjoyed ourselves!

Uncle Martin talking to the youths.

Youths in action!

David and Goliath.

"Trust in the Lord with all your hearts..." I'm at the first row, 3rd from the left.
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