Oct 16, 2005

An Answer?

I've been giving this into thinking, so I didn't blog on this immediately.

A few days before I posted 'Desperate', I was flipping through a book called 'The Catholic Religion'. An old book published in 1987 (I was only 5 years old!) in Australia. It was on my dad's reading table. Out of boredom, I picked the book up and started flipping it just for the sake of flipping.

Then one word struck me. Secular Institutes. SECULAR. I've seen that word before, but where? I wondered and read the description under that title.

Some men and women dedicate their lives completely to God without becoming Priests or Nuns or Brothers... through vows or promises to practise celibacy and poverty... some do not wear any special religious dress; they usually continue to live in their own homes; they share in a special way in the life of the Church by their regular christian service of others.

I suddenly remembered one small segment behind the daily reflection booklet (Lectio Divina) I have, it goes like this:

For the Discalced Carmelites Order and the Church in Malaysia
Jesus needs help in looking after His sheep and He is calling you
not to work for Him but to work with Him as:-
  1. A Carmelite or Diocesan Priest
  2. A Carmelite nun
  3. A Secular Carmelite (Membership is open to single, married,
    widow and Diocesan Priest)

SECULAR CARMELITE. Some funny feelings in my heart. Is God calling me? Or did I just read that by accident?

It has been bothering me for the whole week. I have always longed for the moment I can take the vow of everlasting love for God. Has He heard me? Is this His response to my heart's cry?
I pray that it is His answer. I will meet the local Carmelite sisters for more information during the study week (two weeks from now).

Please remember me in your prayers. Merci beaucoup!
Read more about Secular Carmelite here.
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